The Facts

shutterstock_59758651Research has shown that in this country a child is bereaved of a parent every thirty minutes.  Each year, there are an estimated 200 children and young people living in Warwickshire who are affected by the death of a significant person in their lives.

Individuals within a bereaved family frequently endeavour to “protect” one another during their grief – a bereaved child will try not to show that he is upset for fear of upsetting Mummy further because he knows she is already distressed.  Mummy will endeavour to hide her grief for fear of upsetting her son further because she knows he is already distressed.

This situation can lead to a “bottling up” of grief, which in itself can leshutterstock_52805458ad to problems later in life if it is not dealt with at the appropriate time.


Guy’s Gift enables children and young people to:

  • Be able to talk about the person who has died
  • Ask questions;
  • Express their feelings;
  • Have their fears and worries accepted.